As leader of the first South African expedition to summit Mt Everest via the North-east Ridge in 2007, Ronnie shares his gripping tale.

When we harness our true potential and engage our will, we make an incredible difference in this world today.

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Everest Summit push
The Million Dollar Round Table is known for the quality of its speakers. You were no exception. Your presentation was full of quality content, which was skillfully delivered. We are deeply grateful to you.

Walton W. Rogers

Past President of the Million Dollar Round Table. U.S.A
Ronnie was absolutely fantastic. He spoke a language that our managers could understand, and incorporated many of his mountain experiences into the after sales business. It was wonderful having Ronnie at our annual conference.

Liza Duigan

Regional Manager of the Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa, Pretoria, South Africa
You are an absolute inspiration. Your presentation was so powerful and authentic. It was fantastic! The standing ovation you received says it all. Thank you for making the Professional Speakers Association Annual Conference such a great event.

Roger Knowles

Past President of the PSASA and organizer of the National Convention in Durban, South Africa
Most inspiring speakers lean on the notable achievements of others to convey their significant messages, whilst those individuals with fantastical stories are often lacklustre in their efforts to present the enormity of their significant achievements (and indeed the relevance thereof). Even more rare is to encounter an engaging speaker who has the knack to weave a profound and impactful narrative about the human condition, decision-making, organizational management, business, family, failure and success, around an almost unbelievable account of human-endurance, triumph and tragedy that plays itself out in the rarefied air known as the “Death-Zone” high on Mount Everest. Ronnie Muhl’s cliff-hanger presentation takes the audience on a roller-coaster ride of emotions as he; juxtaposes the jagged peaks of the Himalaya with the ups and downs of the corporate share price; reveals how critical decisionmaking in the so-called “Death Zone” can leave you or your organization either reaching for the stars or gasping for vital breath and how, in certain instances, failure actually translates into success. Ronnie’s gripping narrative is sure to keep any audience spell-bound as he relays the courage, adversity, trials and tribulations of summiting Chomolungma, The Goddess Mother of Mountains.

Dr. Andrew Baxter

Founder of CapeStorm Pty Ltd. Cape Town, South Africa
When you hire Ronnie Muhl as a motivational speaker, you get a man that has faced some of the toughest challenges a human being can be up against! Despite his achievements, Ronnie is down to earth, contact friendly, a great listener and has a great story to tell. He comes across very well, his use of language, stage persona and audio effects make for excellent technical delivery. However, the real value lies in Ronnie being able to get into the hearts and minds of the audience. Relating Everest – type challenges to real life and business challenges, make one realize: “What we do is so easy!”. You can hire a chanting and hyperactive jack-in-the-box type speaker to motivate your team, or you can hire the “real thing”. Ronnie is authentic, inspiring and articulate and his experiences underline the fact that nothing is impossible! “Your team will be inspired

Werner Hess

Managing Director of Carpedia (Pty) Ltd. Johannesburg, South Africa
Ronnie Muhl is a 'class act'. I have used Ronnie's services to speak at various events for me. As both an experienced expedition leader and a successful business person, he has a real depth to his life experiences that are relevant for all age groups and backgrounds. He has an incredible ability to inspire and motivate, whilst weaving in the tools relevant for success. He will have your attendees captivated and on the edge of their seats as he leads them into 'thin air'.

Stephen Bock

Director of Ray White Property Group. Sydney, Australia
I have had the pleasure of listening to Ronnie speak to large audiences on a number of occasions and have, as a result hired him to speak at inspirational seminars. He has the ability to bring audiences in to his world of dramatic, daring adventure in a way that few can match. He is fabulous to work with, conscientious and reliable. As a result of his rare communication abilities he is one of the few South Africans to be invited to speak at the Million Dollar Round Table about his Everest adventures. I can highly recommend Ronnie as a speaker and as a person who changes the way we think and feel about ourselves. I have also read his book – Everest: Surviving the Death Zone. I could not put it down.

Paul du Toit

Managing Director of Congruence (Pty) Ltd and a past President of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa
When we invited you to speak at our annual sales conference, you said that our staff should make sure that their harnesses were buckled and that their ropes were tight, as you would no doubt take them right to the edge and when you finally brought them back, they would have all glimpsed their very own Everest, with all its tears and triumphs. Well congratulations, you most definitely achieved that. It was a privilege to have you speak at our conference.

Bruce Matthews

of the G J Gardner Property Group. Auckland, New Zealand
I have had the pleasure of seeing Ronnie speak and working together with him in the PSASA. It is very rare that one has the opportunity to meet and work with such a sincere and humble man. Ronnie is a world-class speaker and someone I respect most highly and recommend at the highest level. And that doesn’t even include the fact that he has climbed Everest numerous times.

Wolfgang Riebe

Managing Director of the Riebe Institute and a past President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa